Excellence in education

Tips to introduce yourself to the process

A prerequisite for the application all Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships are supervised and supported by a professor. The first step in the application process for the scholarship candidate is to find a professor at a Swiss academic institution willing to act as their academic supervisor for the scholarship research project.

What should you do before contacting a potential academic supervisor? Watch this video

The FCS encourages candidates to find their supervisor on their own. There is no specific support offered in this bottom-up matching process. It is each applicants own task.

A support letter from a host professor is required in any case. This is valid for doctoral school (doctoral programme) and Ph.D. applications as well. If the chosen doctoral school does not allow you to contact a supervisor before being admitted to the school, the application for the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship is not possible.

Understanding the role of academic supervisors

Professors reported to the FCS that they are frequently contacted by scholarship applicants asking for support. Therefore the FCS secretariat issued a leaflet explaining the role of an academic supervisor for a Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship holder.

The FCS recommends potential academic supervisors not to support more than 1 - 2 applicants per year. You find the leaflet «Will you be my supervisor?» enclosed in your application package. Feel free to use it when contacting your potential supervisor.

Preparing your application

Four admissible languages

The application documents have to be submitted in English, French, Italian or German. If your documents are not in one of these languages, then an authenticated translation in English must be included. Attestations can be done by a university or a government officer.

Submission instructions

Prepare 2 sets* of application documents in the exact order given (see pages 18-21). You must create a unique PDF file with the first set of documents.

*The 1st set contains the original, signed documents plus, if applicable, the attested translations. The other set is a copy of the 1st set. After you have submitted the digital application, the Swiss Embassy in Colombia may request to you the 2 sets of documents in physical format.

Watch this video to find instructions on the scholarship application documents that you must submit.

Complete and signed applications are valid only

Please fill in the forms carefully and completely. Sign the form and the research proposal. Only signed applications are valid
and eligible.

Results follow until end of May next year

If the application is short listed by the national authority and/or the Swiss Diplomatic Representation it will be sent to Switzerland for the final selection by the FCS. The FCS will inform you by the end of May next year at latest whether your application has been successful or not.